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The Aaron Frederick Agency
P.O. Box 2271
Savannah, Georgia

Tel: 912-232-1505
Fax: 912-232-1576

Georgia Investigators License
# PDC001184


All Major Credit Cards Accepted

The Aaron Frederick Agency provides a wide variety of professional, confidential investigative services throughout Savannah, the State of Georgia and Nationwide. Below is a list of the general services we provide in the areas of Domestics, Background Investigations and Commercial Services.

If you are looking for Computer Forensics, Network Analysis, Forensic Lab Services or Electronic Debugging, please see our Technical Investigations page.

For Troubled Teenager, Drug Investigations and Undercover Operations, please see our Special Investigations page.

We now offer Lie Detection Services via Digital Voice Stress Analysis. See our Voice Stress Analysis page for full details.

Adultery, Divorce and Child Custody

This is the most delicate area of all, as it finds its way into the very core of emotions, and it often finds a way into your life when you least expect it or at a time when you feel you are least able to deal with NOT KNOWING THE TRUTH!

Activities and behavior of the unfaithful spouse may be of significant value to you and/or your attorney. YOU NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!! Don’t depend on your spouse to give it to you  because our experience tells us they won’t.  It has also been our experience that when YOU feel something just isn’t right and doesn’t add up, YOU ARE USUALLY RIGHT !

We will talk with you and go through all the “Red Flags” that have popped up in your situation, and together we will design a strategy that will bring about the truth you are looking for.  Our promise is that it will be professional and affordable and will give you PEACE OF MIND !

The Aaron Frederick Agency conducts surveillance and maintains a video recording of all activity observed, as well as investigates all areas of financial concern, drug or alcohol use and abuse, and identifies all person(s) who may have potential involvement with your children. You may also want to have your home checked for any bugs or phone taps where valuable information you are sharing with your attorney or loved ones is intercepted and compromised.

There is so much at stake in domestic matters you can’t afford to turn your cheek the other way. HAVE PEACE OF MIND ON US!

Criminal and Background Investigations

Information is what makes the world go around these days. The more you have, the better you are prepared to deal with situations that you might otherwise fall prey to.

Our criminal background checks are designed to reveal past criminal history of anyone that may be handling your money, your heart or your children.

Some of the search services we provide are:

  • Statewide Felony Background Checks
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Federal Criminal Background Check
  • County Criminal Background

Background Investigations

Background investigations may and often do play a part in not only domestic cases but in other civil matters as well as criminal. We strive to gather the most complete data on an individual or company in order for you to make good sound decisions regarding your personal or business affairs.

Some of the things we look into are:

  • Address History and Verification
  • Court Records (Civil & Criminal)
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Tax Problems
  • DUI or License Suspensions
  • Credit History (as applicable by law)
  • Civil Court Records
  • Property Records
  • MVR (Motor Vehicle) Reports
  • Employment History
  • Phone Number Search

Commercial and Insurance Investigations

Whatever takes place within the business community falls into this category.

Some of the areas of concentration are:

  • Internal Theft
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Worker's Compensation Claims
  • Insurance Claims Defense
  • Trade Secret Violations and
  • “No Compete” Agreements
  • Pre-Employment Background
  • Drug Testing/Substance Abuse
  • Video Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking of Company Vehicles
  • Risk Management

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Keep in mind that we are not attorneys and therefore cannot give you legal advice, nor can we interpret the status of your legal situation. If you have any legal questions please consult your attorney . . . They are the experts!

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