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The Aaron Frederick Agency
P.O. Box 2271
Savannah, Georgia

Tel: 912-232-1505
Fax: 912-232-1576

Georgia Investigators License
# PDC001184


All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Our special investigations are those that are designed to be flexible in every way possible. All investigations require flexibility as times, dates and places of expected events can change at a moment's notice.

Special investigations are those that sometimes require multiple investigators, elaborate electronic methods, and even specially trained individuals in highly technical areas.

Often we may find a need to coordinate our investigation with local state or federal authorities. Whatever the case may dictate, we are fully prepared to go where and when we need to, and it may take place on land, sea or in the air. We are dedicated and prepared to help bring about the fruitful outcome of your case.

Troubled Teenagers

We've all been there. Times may have been drastically different in our teenage years compared to your teen, but one thing remains the same and always will. A neglected or unsupervised teen can only lead to trouble, and sad as it is to say, sometimes the mistakes of a teen can remain with them for a lifetime.

Very often The Aaron Frederick Agency is called upon to monitor a teen for possible use of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it involves a teen who begins to associate with an undesirable group of friends. Perhaps your child is sitting prey for an internet pedophile.

How many stories have you heard or read about, where a teen all of a sudden leaves town, and later it's found that she met someone on a chat session, 25 years old + and six states away. What a nightmare for a parent!

Call us if you think your child is headed down a questionable path. We'll get to the bottom of what's going on and then you'll make good decisions.

Drug Investigations

Drugs find a way to infiltrate into all walks of society and they can either be in the form of illegal narcotics or perfectly legal prescription drugs.

As a former narcotics investigator, I have gained tremendous experience in dealing with both the user and the seller, and have learned to recognize many tell tale signs of drug use that the average person may not pick up on.

Drugs in the workplace can be especially harmful because of the risk of injury or death to the user and to innocent bystanding workers, not to mention “down time” for the company, bad publicity, loss of profits, and many other areas of concern.

The Aaron Frederick Agency is able to initiate a variety of methods, physical, technical and covert, to determine if there is a problem and to what extent. All too often, we receive calls from concerned parents regarding the possibility their child is using drugs or hanging out with others who are suspected of doing so.

Needless to say, the family structure becomes unsteady and particularly with the possible use of drugs, theft from the home and even violence becomes a real possibility. Consider the possibility that your spouse could be involved or even using drugs while being directly in the care of your children.

Don't take a chance… Call Us!

Covert Video Surveillance

There have been many situations where covert video documentation has proven to be absolutely invaluable, and many circumstances arise where there is just no other logical way to obtain the evidence you need.

We have solved internal theft cases by simply placing a "hidden video camera" in a clock, a flower pot, a "peep hole" in an office door, and the best thing about it all is:


More and more concerned and wise couples are placing "Nanny Cams" inside the home for safety monitoring over their children when left in the care of someone else.

Call us to discuss your special needs that may require covert video installation. We will direct you in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Undercover Operations

Undercover ops are useful when there is a need to deploy perfectly legitimate looking and acting investigators into situations where information cannot be revealed in any other manner.

The most productive results come, when you have used an undercover agent as a prospective client, customer or new employee.

So much can be learned about your business, your current employees, your policies and procedures by having an agent pose as one of the above mentioned people.

I remember posing as a customer in a well known retail store that has a chain consisting of about 60 stores. I bought a tie, looked around a bit, asked a bunch of questions, and was happy to report to the business owner that I saw no infractions of his store policies or procedures.

I'm sure he slept just fine that night.

On the other hand, I have uncovered a number of infractions and even theft in other businesses where the owner was prudent enough to hire a professional early in the game to find out what was really going on.

It doesn't take a bag of tricks or numerous disguises to get down to the real truth of the matter. Just a trained eye and the dedication it takes to pay attention to details that often make or break a business.

Undercover ops has a definite place in the corporate and industrial structure in determining for instance the abuse of overtime, alcohol or drug abuse, sexual harassment and fraudulent claims resulting from staged accidents.

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Keep in mind that we are not attorneys and therefore cannot give you legal advice, nor can we interpret the status of your legal situation. If you have any legal questions please consult your attorney . . . They are the experts!

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