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The Aaron Frederick Agency
P.O. Box 2271
Savannah, Georgia

Tel: 912-232-1505
Fax: 912-232-1576

Georgia Investigators License
# PDC001184


All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Electronic De-bugging and Wiretap Identification

I spoke to a sales assistant at a local electronics store, who told me that on an average they sold about 6-10 telephone recorders a week. That's a lot of wiretapping going on and it may be as a result of a domestic situation (divorce or child custody) or even employees spying on other employees or the boss.

Even if the information cannot be used in court because of the legality of it's acquisition, the “cat is already out of the bag” so to speak, and your adversary is already armed with the information. They can absolutely destroy you if you're not careful.

My grandfather told me once, “Just because you think someone is after you, doesn't mean they're not.”

How true!

There are so many methods employed these days for spying on the next person it's scary. It could range from a telephone recorder to a wireless video camera, or even a low powered transmitter disguised as an electrical outlet. There could even be a GPS tracking device on your car relaying each and every move you make.

The Aaron Frederick Agency has the latest state of the art equipment to track and locate unwanted and illegal bugging devices within the home, automobile or at work.

Forensic Lab Services (DNA, Semen ID, Handwriting, Documents)

Today's science is an amazing thing. It may answer many questions you have regarding the faithfulness of your spouse or other matters relating to your children. DNA or Presumptive testing can tell you whether your child is being molested inside or outside of the home.

Some of the services we offer by way of an associate lab are:

  • Lab Infidelity Study
  • Personal Identity
  • Sperm Detection
  • Sperm DNA Extraction
  • Condom Matching

Call us for complete information on handling, shipping and pricing. We'll be happy to discuss your situation confidentially.

Handwriting & Document Examination

Whether it be forgery or a threat letter , The Aaron Frederick Agency offers the expert abilities and training of former Federal agents, trained in the field of handwriting and document examination.

Again for information on handling, storage and pricing, please give us a call.

Call us today for a FREE consultation!

Savannah Georgia Private Investigators - Savannah Detective Agency

Georgia Private Investigators immediately available in the following Georgia cities:
Savannah, Statesboro, Rincon, Springfield, Brunswick, Hinesville, Swainsboro, Vidalia, Richmond Hill, Glennville, Pembroke, Dublin, Sylvania, Claxton, Valdosta, Macon, Augusta, St. Mary's, Jekyll Island, Waycross and all surrounding areas.

Keep in mind that we are not attorneys and therefore cannot give you legal advice, nor can we interpret the status of your legal situation. If you have any legal questions please consult your attorney . . . They are the experts!

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