Do's and Don'ts


Information Gathering

Make sure your investigator is kept up to date about important facts and changes in your case and situation.  We don't mind the phone calls, texts and emails, and this will keep us both on the same page all the time.


Don't tell your spouse or significant other what you know or have found out by your investigator.  Save it for your attorney.  The more you reveal about what you know, the more leverage you give away.

Keep Notes and Records

Keep notes about names you hear, places frequented, times, car descriptions and any events to be attended or trips planned.


Don't do your own surveillance and don't have a friend or relative do it for you!!!

You stand a very strong chance of being discovered and "blowing" your case.  If you are questioned by your spouse or significant other about hiring a PI....YOU KNOW NOTHING!

Good Communication

Good communication with your lawyer is essential but don't blow their phone up about every small detail.  

Don't Break the Law!!

It's so easy to buy gadgets, electronics and software on the internet for phone tapping, hidden cameras, computer spy software and GPS trackers.  Privacy laws protect everyone......even cheating partners and the last thing you want is to end up on the wrong side of the law.  We do use GPS tracking but we do it legally and only under certain conditions.  BE CAREFUL.