Fees and Retainers of a private investigator

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The last thing we ever want to see happen to not only our clients, but to other company's clients as well, and that is to find out you owe an enormous and unrealistic amount of money that you didn't even expect. All too often we get a call from a prospective client that had tried someone else first and found they had been either unreasonably charged or overcharged and worse yet...not even given a surveillance report explaining what happened, where, when, and what the costs were for the work. Georgia Board Rules state that if requested, a complete report and accounting of funds must be delivered to the client. It's a sad story so DON'T LET IT BE YOURS! 


A GOOD RULE OF THUMB IS....IF ALL, OR THE FIRST THING THE INVESTIGATOR WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IS MONEY.......RUN! The first and main concern to any good investigator is to listen to you and understand the case background. That's really the only way to judge what's involved in working the case and can help tremendously with quoting an approximate fee.


Our hourly rates and retainer fees are available during consultation which by the way is FREE!  We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day of the year including holidays.