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Something You Should Know Above All Else

  • We know you have concerns....that's why you're here to begin with and we care!  We know it's difficult, particularly in domestic matters and family issues, to share many private thoughts and feelings, but I promise you three things above all!  The first thing is anything you share with us is completely confidential!  Secondly, there is likely nothing you can tell us that we haven't dealt with before over the last 28+ years.  Thirdly and just as important, we will stand with you through your problem till the conclusion and do everything legally in our power to obtain the results you are looking for.  We never guarantee the outcome but we do guarantee 110% of our efforts and resources for your cause.  That's what a great private investigator does........AND THAT'S A SOLEMN PROMISE!!


Ron Palefsky

Ron Palefsky created and has owned the Aaron Frederick Agency since 1992.  Serving in law enforcement since 1974 with an unblemished record has enabled him to gain experience and knowledge that only enhanced the success of the company.  Mr. Palefsky has served in investigations with a background from multiple agencies and has been recognized with multiple commendations not only from his superiors through the years but has received a commendation from the Director of the FBI for diligent and professional acts of service.  Investigator Palefsky oversees every investigation and uses only the most reliable investigators.  Don't settle for less and PLEASE...make sure with whomever you hire, the are licensed by the Georgia Secretary of State Professional Licensing Board as well as ALL of their employees.


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Services offered


Peace of Mind Investigations

Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony and 

Abuse Investigations

Background Checks and Investigations

Criminal Defense and False Arrest

Insurance Fraud and Workmen's Comp Investigation

Attorney Support Services

Corporate Investigation

Employee Theft and Drug Abuse

Missing Person Locates

Skip Tracing and Person Locates (other than missing) 

Witness Locates and Interviews

Social Media Investigation

If there is a particular type of investigation you don't see listed please ask us!!  We will customize an investigation or service particular to you needs!

Elder Abuse, Child Abuse or Exploitation


These cases are of major concern to us and we will always put that ahead of anything else we do! We work with law enforcement whenever needed and all information is of course strictly CONFIDENTIAL as will all cases!

Areas We Cover

We generally cover Savannah and the entire southeast coastal and inland portions of Georgia with respect to surveillance however, we have partner associates across the entire state and beyond that we collaborate with on your case even in other states including South Carolina and Florida.  The Aaron Frederick Agency can and will travel into Florida if the case originates in Georgia.  Please feel free to ask any questions and we will be glad to answer your concerns.

Local Areas Covered include:  Savannah, Rincon, Springfield, Pooler, Guyton, Hinesville, Brunswick, Statesboro, Garden City, Port Wentworth, Bloomingdale and more.  

If you don't see your area listed here please ask.  Depending on the case specifics we can work anywhere in Georgia.

Fees, Retainers, Other Charges

The last thing we ever want to see happen to not only our clients, but to other company's clients as well, and that is to find out you owe an enormous and unrealistic amount of money that you didn't even expect.  All too often we get a call from a prospective client that tried someone else first, and found they had either been unreasonably charged or overcharged and worse yet...not even given a surveillance report explaining what happened, where, when, and what the costs were for the work.  Georgia Board Rules state that if requested, a complete report and accounting of funds must be delivered to the client.  It's a sad story so DON'T LET IT BE YOURS!      

A GOOD RULE OF THUMB IS....IF ALL, OR THE FIRST THING THE INVESTIGATOR WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IS MONEY.......RUN!  The first and main concern to any good investigator is to listen to you and understand the case background.  That's really the only way to judge what's involved in working the case and can help tremendously with quoting an approximate fee.

Our hourly rates and retainer fees are available during consultation which by the way is FREE!

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