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GEORGIA LICENSE PDC 001184   (912) 232-1505

Aaron Frederick Agency is licensed to practice in the state of Georgia. We offer a full range of private investigator services through southeast Georgia. Our investigators understand that you may be going through a difficult experience and it can be hard to share private information. We promise to keep your information confidential and to help you get the answers you are looking for.

We know that dealing with any of these issues can be emotional and time-sensitive.  We would like to begin by discussing your situation and finding out all of the important facts, so that we can properly structure your investigation and cost.  YOUR CONSULTATION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The Aaron Frederick Agency will work quickly to start gathering the proof you need and help bring about a positive conclusion to your matter.

Our investigators will help you recover the data you are looking for whether on a phone, tablet, or computer.  We can also scan your house or office for equipment used for phone tapping or hidden bugs and video equipment.  Please call us for rates and other information.

Our comprehensive background checks combine public and private databases as well as human intelligence to present you with the most accurate information.

In cases of divorce or cohabitation, and in situations where your spouse or ex-spouse may be exposing your children to another significant other, we will strive to find out all available background on that person so you can have TRUE PEACE OF MIND!

Our team will conduct a thorough investigation to help discover any information that may support your claim of defense.  Usually we start with police reports.  Just because a police report is filed….doesn’t mean its correct.  Police officers are humans and make mistakes.  Don’t let their mistake cost you your freedom.

Our investigators will work your case recovering and reviewing evidence to get you asnwers.

An insurance fraud investigation aids by revealing false claims helping you safeguard your business liability.  Surveillance of an employee is just one of the methods we use to gather proof their claim is false.  Insurance fraud is costly to all of us.

Our team will work with your attorney to aid them in resolving your case.

Corporate investigations are conducted to find wrongdoings committed by management, employees, or other parties. The main objective is to ensure the company is running within policy and procedure.  Misuse of company assets, equipment and time are all too frequently found.  If you think you have a problem please give us a call.

Employee theft can be one of the biggest reasons for loss to the bottom line of your business. We will conduct a discreet investigation to help you get proof.

We have years of experience helping our clients find someone, from missing family members, birth parents, and more.

Skiptracing is the process of locating someone who has “skipped” or left town.  This is particularly true of those that owe money, dodging child support or using false identity.  We have access to several databases to aid in locating those individuals that are trying to live under the radar.

A witness locates is the practice of finding someone who can attest to a fact or event in a legal preceding.

Trained investigators can find and pull data that the average person cannot. Social media investigations may be conducted for a number of reasons including employee background checks, adultery, and more.

Dealing with abuse cases can be very emotional. We are here to help you get the proof you need so you can get the justice that is deserved.