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Lie Detection | Truth Verification

Digital Voice Stress Analysis Chart

Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) is a method that is used for lie detection or to determine psychological stress profiles. The technology has been used for over 50 years.

Without confusing you with technical terminology, Voice Stress Analysis simply measures microtremors produced by your voice while speaking. These microtremors are measured and studied for signs of increased stress while answering certain questions. Unlike polygraph tests with the ability to control certain psychological changes, the Digital Voice Stress Analysis cannot be altered or changed. Therefore, it is from the involuntary movement of your vocal cords that you have no control over.

Voice Sound Waves - Lie Detection - Aaron Frederick Agency - Savannah, Ga


Unlike polygraph machines, there are no tubes, wires, pads, or any other type of hookup connections required for the test to be performed.  You simply speak into a microphone placed on the table in front of you and our examiner does the rest of the analysis on the computer.

The test will take between 20 and 45 minutes and results are available immediately from the examiner.  A series of pretest questions will also be asked for the purpose of obtaining general background and for the issues in question.

Investigator Palefsky does hundreds of tests for both law enforcement purposes as well as for the private sector.  You can have confidence in the results and the chart results will be explained in detail once the test has been completed.

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